Our Philosophy

It helps us to understand that we are not just selling plants. We are creating habitats, what we grow provides therapy, we are inspiring creativity, we are starting memories, we are improving our environment.

It is with that motivation we approach each encounter we have with our customers. We embrace their passion for plants because we share the same. We use that passion in every aspect of how we grow our plant materials, from choosing the best quality starter plants, to proper planting, to careful feeding and pruning and using organic methods whenever possible.

I have always said that the best part of being a nurseryman are those times, when the day is done and the sun is beginning to set, when I take a few moments and walk through my fields. It reminds me why we do what we do.

The splendid solitude, the smell of grass, the fragrance of a bloom, the beauty of a tree’s silhouette at dusk….these things are special and we are truly blessed that our job is to help create some of these treasures.


For our retail customers, it’s not just about selling you the right plant for the spot…it’s about what happens after it goes in and the care and joy you give and get from it as you help it develop.

For our wholesale customers, it’s about the trust you place in us to provide you with the finest quality plants you expect from us.

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